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Nice Fashion For Kids photos

Some cool fashion for kids images:

fashion for kids
Image by Cayusa
Week 68, Assignment 2 for Take A Class With Dave and Dave.

Street Fashion. I’m blatantly taking from JPG Magazine in the hopes that some of us will submit for the mag. I plan to! From their description… Street Fashion is about candid street photography showcasing the styles of real people around the world. Issue 12 featured one of our most popular themes, Fashion, but this time we're not looking for editorial or staged fashion photography. Street Fashion is for photos of what people are really wearing in your hometown. So snap a unique shot of your neighbor, schoolmates, friends, and family and share your take on fashion from the street.

A candid shot of two of the local boys strutting their stuff for the local ladies. They were walking up and down the street for about an hour and made sure that they stopped to talk to ALL the ladies the came across.

Christmas Concert (Getting Ready)
fashion for kids
Image by courosa
The girl is getting ready for her big night.

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