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Dolly Shopping Spree!!!

A few nice online fashion shops images I found:

Dolly Shopping Spree!!!
online fashion shops
Image by napudollworld
I worked last Thanksgiving Day plus got called in twice in a week cuz the ER got crazy busy. I knew after the madness calms down that I'm entitle to a dolly shopping spree before christmas. I was also working on Black Friday so didn't get to grab any deals. But GOD is good all the time and all the time GOD is good. With a little patience and luck I had some black friday deals online.

The Color Infusion Style Lab girls I got for just 0 each. I was stoked cuz they are the 2 that I want the most and they've been selling from 0-180 each individually. I've been outbid 3 times then just when I had the money they were waiting for me on ebay with no other bidders in sight. How is that for a dolly miracle. I still can't believe I got Subject B and Subject I for a good deal. The fashion and shoe set I bought from the IT website. They got the cheapest price compared to the ones being offered at ebay. Thanks DOLLSOCIETY for the heads up. The ITBE WINTER is from ebay as well. I got her for with free shipping. The Edward and Bella set is from TRU with my coupon. Overall, I'm happy with my dolly bargains !!!;-D!!!

I will take close-up pics later.

Bolsa B-Cool
online fashion shops
Image by Camisetas Nosequeponerme
Bolsa B-Cool X en Camisetas Nosequeponerme, viene con un diseño en color blanco, y en ella se lee "B-Cool"(Be Cool). Diseño original, lleva tu bolsa nosequeponerme en varios colores y visita www.camisetasnosequeponerme.es

Traced Twirls Dress
online fashion shops
Image by iriskh

I think I have a bad procrastination problem, and at the moment, it centers around online window shopping (i.e., looking but not buying...sometimes).

The Traced Twirls Anthropologie dress in the above image is what's wasting all my time right now. It would be nice to bring a pop of color in with a flower clip or two, but I would probably just make my own flower hair clip from some favorite fabric. I also threw in the make-your-own leather bow necklace, along with a bunch of other items I already own. The possibilities are endless and this "no more personal spending" July is going to kill me (thankfully, the impulse-purchasing-gods have removed the teal dress off the shelves, for my own safety).

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