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Morlos street stylish store Mexico

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Morlos street stylish store Mexico
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Image by Wonderlane
Morlos street stylish store fashion Mexico - really fun and light hearted in person!

Hot 2006 fashions for the torso-impaired
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Image by Telstar Logistics
Ladies, here's a tip: When you're missing an upper half, capri-style pants help draw attention to you ankles.

Mission Street, San Francisco

So Fresh
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Image by Red Lionness
Yes, I do realize my outfit doesn't really match, but here in China, matching is not quite gone about with the same voracity of uber-detail as in my southeastern US hometown. I'm still trying to figure it out. But my "fresh" t-shirt was new and it was hot as a mo-fo, so cue new t-shirt meets fav comfortable skirt. Beads were bought on a sidestreet as we walked across 2 Shanghai districts to get to the Yu Gardens - each wooden bead has the Chinese characters carved into them for "luck".

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