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Nice Fashion On Line photos

Some cool fashion on line images:

306 Fashion Line
fashion on line
Image by happeningfish
Absolutely (almost) nothing on the intertubes about this baby. So there you go. I hope it turns out okay, it's my first time building a bike ever, and I'm already doing something rare by turning a women's bike frame into a fixie. Obviously it's not from Crescent's racing bikes series, but I'm still hoping the frame will hold.

It seems to be dead easy to find horizontal drop-outs on bikes here in Finland, by the way. Some site gave me the impression that they're not done so much anymore, but I swear every bike I've seen in this country has 'em.

she was chatting very loudly on her phone saying "well, it's not MY fault if he's not going to accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior!"
fashion on line
Image by Malingering
I'm not surprised that there wasn't one person in line to have her wrap their gifts.

Old-fashioned take on Modern CTA
fashion on line
Image by Photos by BLPerk
Loyola Red Line stop

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