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Nice Style Fashion photos

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1976 70s Style Fashion Brooklyn NYC Kodachrome Sunday
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Image by Whiskeygonebad
1976 Style Brooklyn NYC Kodachrome Minolta SRT-102 w/400mm telephoto lens. 57th St the corner of St Frances de Chantal Church in Boro Park on 13th ave. Are these styles dated a bit or what? They looked perfectly normal at the time. How silly will we look to ourselves in 35 years? Uh... I'll be 85: You take it from there. I did my job here. See the blurred leg in sunlight and some unsteadiness on my part? I bet I shot it at 1/60th - My 400mm threshold: The very heavy lens helps. Even when SCANNED, you can tell it's a Kodachrome. Amazing! Won't you see the rest of my shots of a Brooklyn gone visit a few of my sets:

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