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Dark Fall 1

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Dark Fall 1
love fashion
Image by Ojie Paloma
Event: FPC's Grand Fashion Photography
Model: Theresa Marcelo
MUA: Paul Refol & Pam Dionisio
Location: DPI XL Studio, Makati City

love fashion
Image by Stella.Marien
This is Lazaro and Desiree two awesome high school friends...which turned out to be a really good couple...in the picture!! haha!

This was my first attempt at nighttime fashion photography...HOPE YOU LIKE!


I gots this!!

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love fashion
Image by rafeejewell
After exploring for our building inspirations, we hit up Dance Island at the end of the evening. Ohhhh the girls were on the Sabi's chim again! So we hung out dancing with the gang there. I loved Layla's dress and hair tonight! She loves fashion as much as I do! You go girl!

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