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Nice Mens Fashion photos

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Threads of Gastown Fashion Show
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Image by Kris Krug
Clothes: Daye Mens Wear

@ the Alibi Room

Street Fashion - sf - Jasper
mens fashion
Image by Jasper Gregory
The utility belt is from five and diamond on valencia street. The shoes are from Tsubo, a couple of years ago when they still made mens shoes that did not suck. Of course they stopped making them. Apparently, men only buy shoes that suck.
A long t-shirt/tunic like this is great for combining with leggings, tights, or skinny jeans. It was insanely hard to find one long enough for me. Mens long t-shirt are for some reason baggy and formless. Womens tunics were all too short. I think this one is actually more of a dress than a shirt. I found it at Cotton Basics in Noe Valley. I like the ensemble but it is a bit boring for my taste.


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