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Some cool fashion clothes images:

most disturbing moment of the day
fashion clothes
Image by Malingering
This girl (in camo with her underwear hanging out) was at best 14. Her mom (in sheer backed top behind her) was following her around, with her muffin top and panties hanging out. And this was no accident, I run into the family again about 3 hours later, same thing. It wasn't even like the underwear was peeking out the top, it was purposely pulled up there and then all bunched up. If there is one thing I am grateful about in my childhood, it's that my mom was willing to call a slut a slut.

Salsa Sunday at Steven's Steakhouse
fashion clothes
Image by Malingering
City of Commerce

I wasn't there for the dancing. We actually went for the steak. Then at 9pm all of these salsa dancers started swarming into the eating area. I used to salsa dance. And swing dance. And other sorts of "social" dance. But I don't like living in a world where the man gets to decide what to do and the woman always has to "follow." Then I would get accused of "backleading" and then I tried to just lead but I am too short so finally I just gave up. I don't socialize well anyway.

bambi skull and bambi skirt
fashion clothes
Image by urban don
Hand sewn and painted womens skirt and top. Recycled materials

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