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Nice Shop Fashion photos

Check out these shop fashion images:

Oxfam's Headingley Shop, IIFA Awards day 2
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Image by net_efekt
Oxfam Shop, 45/47 Otley Rd, Headingley, LeedsShop window display with an Asian theme. Shown in the background centre is the IIFA poster I designed.You can read more about it on the Oxfam website under IIFA (soon to be updated for the event), or download a full pdf copy of the leaflet from my box.net account.Photo credit: Rathika Mawtuswww.ratkan.co.uk/

Gucci Shop
shop fashion
Image by prayitno
Crystals Shopping Center
with Aria Resort & Casino at the background
Las Vegas, Nevada

Shopping on the Graben
shop fashion
Image by Walter A. Aue
The "Graben" (literally: ditch) is a big shopping street (plaza) close to St. Stephen's Cathedral, for pedestrian use only, but that of all kinds...

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