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Cool Love Fashion images

Some cool love fashion images:

Love and Fashion 2.0, LeWeb3
love fashion
Image by Pierre Metivier
Anina, Anina.net & 360 Fashion

Heel Love - fashion makes you crazy
love fashion
Image by TriggerHappyDave
Model: Antia de Bauch
Location: Ink club Brighton, England
Main Light - 24" Beauty Dish on Bowens 400 camera right about 1m from model
Fill light - White shoot-through umbrella on bowens 400 camera left 1m from model

Summer of Love Fashion Fair
love fashion
Image by Michelle Hyacinth
Rockberry skin (at the fair) with Eclectica Jewellery (not at the fair)

Slurls at: michelehyacinth.wordpress.com/2010/07/19/love-every-which...

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