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Dream Lace
fashion in pakistan
Image by ecstaticist
This is a bit of a [less] dreamy treatment of Queen Anne's Lace, a wildflower that blooms abundantly this time of year across North America. From an afficionado's website I found:

Queen Anne’s lace, though, is much more than a pretty face. With humans, it has a long, long history as a decorative, medicinal, and food plant. While the livestock don’t care much for Queen Anne’s lace (for example, Queen Anne’s lace is supposedly poisonous to rabbits), the birds eat the seeds, and small songbirds use the waving flower umbels as a song perch. Queen Anne’s lace also attracts and nurtures many, many beneficial insects (so named by farming and gardening humans because the insects are predators that keep other insects in check and/or help out in other ways e.g. by making silk).
Food Uses: Queen Anne’s lace isn’t just a member of the carrot family (a/k/a parsley family); it is the parent of our garden carrot. Also called the “wild carrot”, Queen Anne’s lace has a long, pale, woody, finger-thin taproot to absorb and store water. While the young taproot has been used as food (in soup and stew) in Eurasia since time-out-of-mind, and in North America since Queen Anne’s lace came over with the Euro-settlers in the 1700’s, many call the Queen Anne’s lace root “unpalatable”.

So how do you get a nice, sweet, juicy, orange carrot from this stringy, reportedly-smelly, nasty-tasting yellowish root? The old fashion way; no gene splicing required. Grow thousands of the plant, save the seeds from the ones with the fleshiest roots, repeat. It is rumoured that the Afghanistans or the Pakistans might have done the original hybridizing, some time before 900 A.D.

Merry Christmas!
fashion in pakistan
Image by Makz
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