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Cool Love Fashion images

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Steampunk Jewelry Bracelet made by CatherinetteRings
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Image by Catherinette Rings Steampunk
I just Listed a new steampunk bracelet inspired by Valentine . I included Garnet , Red Crackle bead , Antiqued metal heart bead and a gear button . Brass & Copper .

Blogged this photo on my blog and shared on the flickr blog love group : steampunkrings.blogspot.com/

love fashion
Image by rafeejewell
So much has passed before me and so much is yet to be discovered here in Second Life. My loving partner has brought so much joy to me! We travel, we explore, we dance, we dine, we play, we create and we have FUN!

We are researching many sims to help us with resources for our own. My angel brought me to the old Bellagio Gardens sim to look at beautiful trees and platforms for his island sim. Wow! Beautifully done and wonderfully placed, we drifted around looking at all the platforms and trees. Gorgeous!

UPDATE: I made a youtube video using these pics. I am still learning, so it's rough, but I enjoyed making the Rafee & Xavier video.

Summer of Love Fashion Fair
love fashion
Image by Michelle Hyacinth

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