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Wardrobe Remix: 9.28.06

A few nice fashion blog images I found:

Wardrobe Remix: 9.28.06
fashion blog
Image by grapefruitmoon
Going to help out in the studio, but oh man, I am so tired. I'm going for cute and fashion-forward, but super duper comfy. I was too tired to try and master my self-timer, so these pics are sans tripod and thus, sans shoes. It's hard to tell, but the green and white top is actually a short sundress. It's about the same length as the tunic length shirt that's really big at the moment.

Scarf: Thrifted
Hoodie: American Apparel
Dress: Second-hand
Pants: Second-hand
Shoes: (Unseen) Converse

TIGER Magazine (spain)
fashion blog
Image by coolhunting "tapas"
TIGER Magazine is a biannual publication that presents a creative contemporary culture from an honest and aesthetic perspective. It brings together icons from the world of art, fashion and design, so that it is a true reproduction of reality, with beauty as a theme throughout its pages.


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