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Cool Fashion Shops images

A few nice fashion shops images I found:

La Primavera
fashion shops
Image by Theen ...
A fashion shop on King William Street. I'm hoping that this shot has a strong visual vertical line, especially as there is no physical line >>> nope it didn't make the grade as the horizontals were too overpowering.

Tenjin Forest garden SIM(Coara)
fashion shops
Image by Liqueur Felix
Photograph taken at Japanese residental sim, Tenjin Forest garden SIM, front of the noju, girly fashion shop.

Posted by Second Life Resident Liqueur Felix. Visit tenjin fukuoka japan.

fashion shops
Image by zenobia_joy
window display at the Metro Clothing shop on Broadway, Capitol Hill, Seattle. Right after I took this picture a guy came outside to tell me I can't take pictures of his store. Really? Then why create displays you want people to look at?" No answer. Paranoia baffles me.

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