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Women and children wading in lake

A few nice women fashion images I found:

Women and children wading in lake
women fashion
Image by UW Digital Collections
Women and children wading in lake, n.d.


Subjects (LCTGM):
Lakes & ponds

Digital Collection:
Society and Culture Collection

Item Number: SOC0474

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University of Washington Libraries. Digital Collections http://content.lib.washington.edu/

Women sitting on beached skiffs at the Pittwater Regatta
women fashion
Image by Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons
This photo is part of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s William J Hall collection. The Hall collection combines photographs from both William J Hall and his father William F Hall. The images provide an important pictorial record of recreational boating in Sydney Harbour, from the 1890s to the 1930s – from large racing and cruising yachts, to the many and varied skiffs jostling on the harbour, to the new phenomenon of motor boating in the early twentieth century. The collection also includes studio portraits and images of the many spectators and crowds who followed the sailing races.

The Australian National Maritime Museum undertakes research and accepts public comments that enhance the information we hold about images in our collection. If you can identify a person, vessel or landmark, write the details in the Comments box below.

Thank you for helping caption this important historical image.

Object number 00012164

See also image 00012160 for the same women onboard NAMOI during the Pittwater Regatta.

the painter
women fashion
Image by rickredds
GFX69 Fashion Photography Workshop
model: Danielle Deporto
style & Make up by: Princess Apple Sinchongco.
Special thanks to Mil & Mer Botique and Models own outfits, Gerry Palad for additional ligths
LOCATION: New Style Furniture Manufacturing Co. in bahrain

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