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Fashion After Dark

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Fashion After Dark
fashion boutiques
Image by Eddie C3
Fashion Week has finally ended and I’m back to a life of leisure but this not so striking image needs a better explanation than that. Can I explain what I like about this photo? Should I even try to explain?

I had a little free time and wanted a parking spot that was closer to work for a quick getaway. I pulled into a space and instead of feeding the meter I was sitting in my car on Broadway and 67th Street, waiting for 10 PM when it would become a free parking spot.

As I was sitting there the sidewalks were crowded with people walking home from one of the Lincoln Center Fashion Shows. The two young ladies in this shot were taking up the rear and seemed especially enthusiastic about the fashions they viewed that evening. Along with the clicking of their heels, I could hear their praises from a block away.

I was parked in front of a fashion boutique and couldn’t help but think “like moths to a flame” when the two decided they had talked enough to each other about the fashion show. They tucked themselves into the doorway and started calling other people to tell their other friends “The new spring line up is outrageous!”

I thought it made for a pretty interesting view so I stuck the old Canon G10 out the passenger window and started clicking away. I realized that the angle was too low from the car window, the storefront would look like it is falling over backwards. So I put down the convertible top of my car so I could stand up and get a higher view.

The two young fashion talkers took no notice of a convertible top going down twelve feet away on a February night. They seemed to not even notice a middle aged man standing in that convertible and taking their picture. Obviously both the young ladies and I had an obsession but a very different focus.

Bogner fashion boutique
fashion boutiques
Image by estrangelo_edessa

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