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Nice Fashion On Line photos

A few nice fashion on line images I found:

Advance Pattern Fashion News October 1940
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Image by vintagestitches
Wrapped lines form on the left--make a sculptor's model of you. Plastic surplice, liquid skirt. Sizes 12 to 20 yrs.; 30 to 38 bust, Size 16, v.1---4 3/8 yds. 39-in.; v.2, 2 7/8 yds. 54-in. $ .25

Twinkling bodice, shirred to a diamond point. Needle-narrow skirt, with fulness facing front. Sizes 12 to 20 yrs.; 30 to 38 bust. Size 16---4 3/8 yds. 39-in. $ .25

Left-handed compliment to the right dinner silhouette. Sweetheart bodice, side-stepping skirt. Sizes 12 to 20 yrs.; 30 to 38 bust. Size 16---4 5/8 yds. 39-in. $ .25

From the collection of Jessica H. Jaeger.

Rope on Pier at Belle Haven
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Image by Mr. T in DC
Coiled lines of rope on one of the piers at Belle Haven Marina, on the Potomac River south of Alexandria, Virginia. I almost tripped over this tangled mess of lines; not exactly ship-shape and Bristol fashion!

American fashions, Winter 1893
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Image by Claremont Colleges Digital Library
Item Title: American fashions, Winter 1893

Description/Notes: A woman stands next to a deep rose velvet chair. She is wearing a tan and green dress that is trimmed with white lace. The dress has a high dark green collar and bodice, with very wide pointed lapels. Over the green is a gathered tan section that rises in the center front to meet the collar. The high neck has an oblong gold brooch at the center front, and a larger similar brooch fastens the pointed collar at her bust line. The green collar lies out over a very wide lace ruffle that extends out over her shoulders. The dress sleeves are very wide leg o' mutton style with narrow fitted lower sleeves with triangular lace detailing at the wrists. A tan sash finishes the waist over a deep green ruffled peblum. The skirt has a slight train and consists of two layers. The underskirt is deep green, finished with a band of triangular white lace, and the shorter overskirt is tan with band of brown swirled decoration at the hem. The overskirt is caught up over the left hip to form folds at the side. She wears light blue or gray gloves, and her small hat is deep green and trimmed with pink plumes and green ribbon.

Original Collection: Fashion Plate Collection, 19th Century

Item Number: fpc00485.tif

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