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Charity Fashion Show Backstage

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Charity Fashion Show Backstage
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Image by lanier67
On 17 July 2011 was the first charity fashion show at the Palais Prinz Carl, Heidelberg, Germany, in favor of the Rhine-Neckar region. Here young designers from the region presented the latest fashion trends and offered their "jewels" for sale.

What was the purpose of this event?

A dark shadow has been cast over the fascinating world of fashion in recent years. Increasingly we see on the big fashion shows of this world, young women who are visibly underweight. The keyword is Size 0. To meet this "ideal", some girls / women sometimes almost starve to death or develop an eating disorder and bulimia, only to maintain their weight.

In this show women dressed size 34 - 42. To send a signal of awareness, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of clothes and all donations will benefit the Luca association, who cares for people with eating disorders. This was done freehanded in a quite dark environment with the 50mm 1,4 going for expression rather than sharpness.

Late Night Coding
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Image by aminorjourney
Kate is pulling yet another late night. As I finished my teaching early tonight I headed in about 8pm with some food for us both. As we're sharing the Prius (my car isn't going anywhere right now) I decided to stay until she was done.

This is the classic geek coding late. A bottle of diet Coke, a Starbucks Mug from earlier on, and an intense look on her face while listening to some rock music... Yup, that's my Girlfriend at the moment...

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Image by Zillafag
Yes the ear protector is HOT on the fashion scene for 2009.

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